Benefits of Being Outdoors

Ever wonder how many trees it takes to provide oxygen for just one person? Find out in this short video below!

Improve memory, fight depression, and lower blood pressure.

This is what most of the people we know are wanting. And not just for part of their lives—but all of their lives.

Spending time in forests, hiking in mountains, and just being outside can lead to significant health benefits. Yet many people spend workdays indoors under fluorescent lights and in front of computers, then return home to bask in the glow of television screens.

Research suggests it's important to make time to get outdoors as well, since doing so is beneficial — maybe essential — for human health. Psychologists and health researchers are finding more and more science-backed reasons we should go outside and enjoy the natural world.

So go spend some time "forest-bathing" to improve your health.

We need to spend time in natural environments if we want to improve our physical and mental health. That could mean taking advantage of hiking trails near your home, playing in the snow, swimming in the ocean, or just spending time every week in a local park.

Here are 6 reasons why it's so important:

Could improve your short-term memory.

Has a demonstrated de-stressing effect.

Reduces inflammation.

Helps eliminate fatigue.

Lowers blood pressure.

Helps fight depression and anxiety.

With all this, it's not surprising that outdoor time is associated with a lower overall risk of early death. So it's time we give back.

By planting and caring for trees, you help improve your surrounding, reduce pollution, lower energy costs, improve the appearance of your community and increase the value of your property.

At Nutree Naturals we realized that a lot of people want to make a positive change but don't know where to start.

We wanted to add another reason why being healthy not only benefits you. It helps create a tremendous impact in the world you play in.

Together we can leaving the world better than how we found it.


What people are saying about us...

"By far some of the best supplements I've taken. Knowing that every month I'm not only contributing to my health but planting trees in the process is something I didn't realize I was looking for until I found Nutree Naturals. Finally a company that cares about the environment as much as I do." - Marry



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