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About The Trees

Can I pick where my trees are planted?

How do you pick where your trees are planted?

Do you use pesticides on the nurseries?

Is there a dollar value per tree?

How do I know the trees won’t be cut down?

Do you plant only indigenous species?

Why should I care about planting trees?

Can you send me some trees?

What happens to the trees if I return my order?

Can we come plant with you?

When are my trees planted? How soon after the purchase?

How long does it take for my trees to grow?

What happens to the trees after you plant them?

Why don't you just plant trees and not sell supplements?

Can you provide proof of planting?

How do I know the trees are actually being planted?

Who are the charities you work with? Are you a charity?

How much does someone make planting trees in these areas?

Orders & Shipping

Do you take orders over the phone?

I am having trouble tracking my order, what should I do?

Do you ship outside the USA?

My package never arrived, what should I do?


Can I receive a refund even if I have used the product?

How do I begin my return?

Quality & Safety

Are your products safe?

Are your supplements okay to take with my prescription medication?

Where are your products made?

Will any Nutree Naturals product produce a false positive on a drug test?

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